Our Virtual System

How to use Web Conferencing


As Euroscicon are the first to run virtual Life Science conferences we thought you might be unfamiliar with the benefits of attending.

Please view these meetings as you would a usual conference, but with the following advantages:

1. Less travel time means more time for you at work and at home
2. Access the whole event from the com¬fort of your own home or office
3. Registration Fees are much less than a “bricks and mortar” event
4. No expenditure on hotels and sundries
5. Connect with a larger and more global audience, many of whom may have not attended due to cost and travel constraints
6. Catch up on missed talks in the evening or your free time
7. No flight delays, pass¬port control or security checks
8. Juggle work demands with conference attendance
9. Dip in and out of talks without being noticed
10. No packing and unpacking and wondering whether your luggage will make it through to the other side
11. Access all conference materials and audio online for 1 week after the event
12. Easily locate conference attendees and arrange a conference call, rather than searching hotel lobbies for your clients
13. Save hundreds of thousands of gallons of air fuel because of the aggregate efforts of attendees

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