Nidhi Singhal

Operations Manager

Nidhi is responsible for the measurement and effectiveness of all processes internal and external and collaborate with the management team to develop and implement plans for the operational infrastructure of systems, processes, and personnel designed to accommodate the rapid growth objectives of our organization.

  • Email: Nidhi.Singhal [@]

Ashwin Reddy


Ashwin looks after the day to day running of Euroscicon Ltd. He is responsible for agenda construction, sales and marketing and works alongside Andrew to develop sponsor partnerships.

  • Email:Ashwin.Reddy [@]

Andrew Mark

Business Development

Andrew is responsible for looking after our sponsors.  Please contact Andrew if you are represent a company interested in sponsoring, chairing or speaking at an event.

  • Email: Andrew.Mark [@]

Kristina Evangelou

Client Liason Manager

Kristina is responsible for our customer services and technical team She will help with bookings of both delegates and companies sponsors. If you are a delegate and there are several meetings that you would like to attend, or you would like to bring a lot of people with you to one event, please contact Kristina who can arrange a special discount for you. If you would like to sponsor an event please contact Kristina who can arrange this for you. Kristina ensure you can use our  virtual system and if you are speaking at a session she arrange a test run. Contact Details

  • Email: Kristina.Evangelou [@]
  • Ph: 020 7183 82 31 Extension 1

Sahul Ahmed
Sahul Ahmed


Sahul looks after Euroscicon delegate and agenda administration. Please contact Sahul if you

  • Need a letter of invitation
  • Have a query about your abstract submission
  • Need help registering for an event
  • Need to change your registration details
  • Want to change your details on the agenda or abstract book
  Contact Details    
  • Email: Sahul.Ahmed [@]

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